Charlotte Lawson

Charlotte Lawson is a reporter covering foreign policy and world affairs. She joined The Dispatch in June 2020, after graduating from the University of Virginia. You can follow her at @lawsonreports

Charlotte Lawson

U.S.-Iran Negotiations Continue Even as Military Clashes Escalate

American diplomats are still pursuing a new nuclear agreement despite Iran’s aggression in the Middle East.

The Morning Dispatch: Is the Iran Deal Back From the Dead?

Plus: Marking six months of war in Ukraine.

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Iran Targets Diplomats and Political Opponents—on U.S. Soil

In addition to threats against John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, the Islamic Republic has surveilled members of the think tank community.

The Morning Dispatch: Afghanistan, One Year Later

Plus: Join the Dispatch skiff!

Lawmakers Still Wrestle With Biden’s Chaotic Afghanistan Withdrawal

A year after Kabul fell to the Taliban, Americans and Afghans still struggle with its bloody ramifications.

The Morning Dispatch: Another Election Denier Clinches a Governor’s Primary

Plus: The Senate votes overwhelmingly to clear Finland and Sweden’s inclusion in NATO.

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A Dream of a Free China

A walk through the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest with one of its student leaders.

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‘Ukraine as It Was Can’t Continue to Exist’

As its brutal invasion drags on, Russia targets Ukrainian identity and Ukrainians themselves.

Joe Biden Pivots to Middle East Security

Amid failing nuclear talks with Iran, the president looks to bolster regional defense and build on the historic Abraham Accords.

The Impossible Choices for Pakistan’s Afghan Refugees

Refugees fleeing the Taliban turn to their neighbor but find little hope.