Price St. Clair

Price St. Clair is a reporter for The Dispatch. He is a graduate of Furman University, where he studied political science.

Price St. Clair

Approaching the Appropriations Fight

The tight deadline to pass a series of spending bills will again test Kevin McCarthy’s leadership.

A Grassroots Movement to Depolarize the U.S.?

The Braver Angels organization seeks to help red and blue Americans see each other as neighbors instead of enemies.

Senators (Mostly) Back Biden on Cluster Munitions

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Title X has become a political football in recent years, with far-reaching implications for contraception and abortion.

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What new whistleblower allegations could mean for the House GOP and Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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A Senate Committee Takes a Partisan Turn

Under Bernie Sanders’ chairmanship, political messaging is displacing bipartisan legislating.

Judge Aileen Cannon and the Trump Criminal Case, Explained

The federal district court judge who appointed a ‘special master’ in Trump v. USA is now set to preside over USA v. Trump.

The Trump Indictment, Explained

Prosecutors say Donald Trump retained reams of national security documents at Mar-a-Lago and even hid them from his own lawyers.

Crawling Toward a Carbon Tariff?

A new bipartisan bill aims to pave the way for more ambitious climate-oriented trade policy.