Price St. Clair

Price St. Clair is a public policy researcher in Washington, D.C., and a former reporter for The Dispatch.

Price St. Clair

How to Lose Elections and Still Cut Taxes

Quirky circumstances may give Michigan Republicans bragging rights even though Democrats control the state legislature and governorship.

The COPPA Cops

American teens’ declining mental health prompts a bipartisan push to regulate kids’ use of social media.

An (Unidentified Flying) Object Lesson

If we’re not being invaded by aliens, what’s going on? A Dispatch Explainer.

Why the National Debt Matters

Owing tens of trillions of dollars puts the U.S. on a course for stagnation—or crisis: A Dispatch Explainer.

What Happens if the Government Defaults?

No one knows exactly what would happen, but it won’t be pretty: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Pro-Life Movement Comes to a Crossroads

With Roe v. Wade’s demise and a midterm election in the rearview mirror, pro-life activists and legislators contemplate new strategies.

Will George Santos Face Any Consequences?

It may be up to voters in 2024 to mete out punishment to the New York Republican: A Dispatch Explainer.

Fairfax County Fairness?

Virginia’s attorney general says in a Dispatch interview he's investigating high schools that withheld National Merit award information from students.

Details on McCarthy’s Concessions Still To Come

Kevin McCarthy finally won over more than a dozen GOP detractors to claim the House speakership. But what did he give up to do so?

Could Kevin McCarthy Give Away Too Much?

Concessions to the House Freedom Caucus runs the risk of alienating more moderate allies.