Price St. Clair

Price St. Clair is a former reporter for The Dispatch.

Price St. Clair

Are Hurricanes Getting Worse?

Scientists largely agree climate change makes some elements of hurricanes worse, but they’re less confident about others: A Dispatch Explainer.

Budd and Beasley Push to Make North Carolina’s Senate Race Boring

The candidates want a generic race when political realities are anything but.

Biden and the Future of Taiwan

What ending ‘strategic ambiguity’ would mean for the U.S., China and the world: A Dispatch Explainer

A $12,000 Haircut

Occupational licensing requirements are keeping a Syrian refugee from his chosen profession.

Who Gets to Classify (and Declassify) Government Secrets?

A Dispatch explainer.

Lawmakers Lean on Proxy Voting as Midterms Approach

But the abuse-ridden, pandemic-era system might be on its way out.

Predicting the ROI on the IRA

Progressives are hailing the Inflation Reduction Act’s environmental provisions. But will the investments pay off?

The Morning Dispatch: Down Goes Cheney

Plus: Alaska voters head to the polls, but the full results won't be known for weeks.

Wyoming Voters Deal Lopsided Loss to Cheney

Harriet Hageman wins the state’s lone House seat following Donald Trump’s full-court press against Liz Cheney.

College Football Realignment: A Tragedy of the Commons?

Rational, self-interested schools and conferences are “overgrazing” and cheapening the overall product that is college football.