Inside the GOP Fight Over Ukraine Aid

Will Republicans continue to support the embattled nation?

An (Unidentified Flying) Object Lesson

If we’re not being invaded by aliens, what’s going on? A Dispatch Explainer.

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A Bold Vision for Japan

The country’s military buildup reflects a sense of urgency about the China threat. But implementing it will be a challenge.

By Arming Ukraine We Arm Ourselves

Remembering the lessons of World War II.

Congress Moves Forward With Defense Policy Bill

It includes assistance for Taiwan, weapons supply chain boosts, and a ban on Chinese semiconductor chips.

The Mystery of the Missing Nuclear Posture Review

The document, one of our most important national policy statements, has been completed. But our allies are waiting for an unclassified version.

Is the Pentagon at Risk of Running Out of Weapons?

A new GAO report shows decline in our industrial base.

What We Must Do to Help Ukraine Win

The emphasis should be on a punishing counteroffensive to help Ukraine win quickly.