Jim Jordan

Chaos in Congress and Around the World

Another week of dysfunction at home and war abroad.

Politics Without Consequences

While Joe Biden is gaining momentum, House Republicans can’t even agree to the rules of their own game.

Down Goes Jordan

The speakership race enters its ‘Mad Max’ era.

Explaining the Allegations That Jim Jordan Covered Up Sexual Abuse at Ohio State

The scandal emerged in 2018, but there is no solid evidence to either support or refute the claim.

The House Speaker Fiasco Keeps on Going

Plus: Republican candidates split between Nevada’s primary and caucus.

Only Trump Is Trump

Lessons from the humiliation of Jim Jordan.

The Politics of Fear Has Its Limits

What Jim Jordan’s sinking speakership bid tells us about one of Washington’s iron laws.

Jim Jordan Misses the Mark

As Jordan scrambles to secure the votes for House speaker, some Republicans fret about his fundraising chops.

Jordan Jor-Down, But Not Out

The Ohio Republican’s speakership bid faces a possibly insurmountable setback.

Jim Jordan’s Power Play for the Speaker’s Gavel

He failed one vote on Tuesday, but will force another on Wednesday.

Dispatch Live: The Speaker Race and the Israel-Hamas War

Join us for our weekly live news hour.

Team Players

Why shouldn’t blue-district House Republicans switch parties?

Jim Jordan Pushing for Support Ahead of Tuesday Floor Vote

Plus: Doug Burgum talks about his underdog campaign.

Minority Rules

Not even a third of Republicans are happy Kevin McCarthy was ousted, yet here we are.

Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Jordan vs. Scalise is an institutional test.

Future Ukraine Aid at Risk

Plus: Why do showdowns between the GOP and their own speakers keep happening?