Harvest Prude

Harvest is a reporter for The Dispatch. She previously covered politics for WORLD Magazine.

Harvest Prude

House Republicans Choose Their Fighter

Plus: Will moderates flex any muscle? And a look at Democrats’ debt ceiling calculus.

Stop the Stealers (Mostly) Concede

With some holdouts, losing GOP candidates accept the will of the voters.

Election Deniers Denied—Mostly

Voters repudiated many of Donald Trump’s favored 'Stop the Steal' candidates in state-level races.

‘Do Your Job or You Will Hang’

Election officials grapple with continuing distrust and threats ahead of Tuesday’s midterms.

‘Every Single County Is Now a Border County’

Republicans look to dysfunction at the U.S.-Mexico border to animate their base.

What Happens If Election Chiefs Don’t Trust Elections?

'Stop the Steal’ proponents are running for secretary of state positions in battleground states.

A Rare Left-Coast Opportunity for the GOP

‘In some ways, Republicans are due for a win in Oregon.’

Are Latinos the New Swing Voters?

Republicans hope a shift to the right among Latino voters will continue in the midterms.

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Xi Jinping 3.0

China’s most powerful ruler since Mao is set to receive another five-year mandate: A Dispatch Explainer.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Will the billions of dollars Congress has committed to increasing broadband access be a good investment?