Harvest Prude

Harvest is a reporter for The Dispatch. She previously covered politics for WORLD Magazine.

Harvest Prude

The Sweep: Why Issues Don’t Change Votes

Plus: Advice from Tony Blair, and checking in on Arizona.

Johnson Faces Another Badger State Senate Battle

The Wisconsin Republican doesn’t have primary competition, but he faces headwinds in November as Democrats try to flip a key Senate seat.

Trump Tests His Influence in North Carolina

Ted Budd looks to become the GOP’s Senate nominee, and scandal-plagued Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces his own crowded primary challenge.

Protest Block Parties

Inside the groups picketing outside Supreme Court justices’ homes in the wake of the abortion draft opinion leak.

House and Senate Set to Hash Out China Competition Bill

Plus: A Uyghur advocate, born in a Chinese prison, shares insights from his new book.

Capitol Hill Reacts to the Leaked SCOTUS Draft

Amid long-shot calls to nuke the filibuster and codify Roe, Democrats focus on this year’s midterms.

Ohio’s Wild Primary Comes to a Close

Donald Trump’s endorsement and late bumps in the polls turned the race upside down in its final weeks.

Kevin McCarthy Does Damage Control

Plus: All eyes on immigration.